• Group logo of secrets.
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    Have you ever had a secret that you need to let out but cannot tell anyone in real life? Well in this group you can tell your secrets because we dont really know each other so your secrets are safe with us. Please […]

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  • Group logo of FANDOMONIUM
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    Fandomonium- A wild uproar or unrestrained disorder by supporters of a popular act, icon, or sports team.

    That definition up there pretty much explains what this group is all about: Fandoms.

    This group is […]

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  • Group logo of ANIME AND CARTOON LOVERS!!!
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    Okay,for all the anime and cartoon lovers out there…MAN UP! I know I sound rude,but if you love an anime and cartoon don’t hide it! Don’t care about what other people say about you liking an anime or […]

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    To be honest Admin, I wish you gave me a two day warning or something because I had stuff saved on there and now it’s gone which kinda really pisses me off, but ayy I understand we can’t have dicks and fisting […]

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  • Group logo of Girlsense PRO Users
    active 4 days, 14 hours ago

    All the users that made it to PRO

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  • Group logo of Asylum Roleplay
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    Asylum; a-sy-lum; an institution offering shelter and support to people who are mentally ill.

    Why are you here?:



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  • Group logo of Bioshock Roleplay
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    This roleplay is about an underwater city named Rapture. This city used to be beautiful, but it was destroyed by ADAM. ADAM is a genetic mutater that gave the citizens powers, but also drained them of their […]

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  • Group logo of TAVMMS
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    Join this shiz if you into that TAVMMS stuff

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  • Group logo of Girlsense Club
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    For all of you that miss Girlsense come here for the comfort and love you need.
    I sent invites to my friends, so spread the gs love to your friends!

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  • Group logo of Funny Pictures
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    A place to put funny pictures.
    The end.

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  • Group logo of The Seven Pirate Lords Roleplay
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    Do you have what it takes to be one of the seven Pirate Lords ruling in command of the seven seas?

    In this role-play, we’re all pirates. When you join, put:
    Pirate name:
    Position: (i.e. captain, first mate, […]

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  • Group logo of Italy Roleplay
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    Italy is so romantic and full of history, it’s hard not to get lost in […]

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  • Group logo of Hai Admin <3
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    Are you there?
    This is for spamming Admin because been dead for a year now and he can’t see any crap I post for him
    I’mma do it anyway

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  • Group logo of Music <3
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    Post your fav songs, artists, playlists, or whatever! Share vids of you singing or playing an instrument. If its music, its welcome here!

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  • Group logo of Name That Song!
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    I just thought that this game might be fun :/ I hope so xD I am so sorry if someone already made a group like this :o it is so hard to try to think of something someone has not already done ^_^
    OK so, we each […]

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  • Group logo of ▼▲Wattpad!▲▼
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  • Group logo of Designers Society
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    Join if you are a member of Designers Society or wanna become one. Talk about fashions, boutiques, contests, etc on the site plus news updates. http://www.DesignersSociety.net

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  • Group logo of Is It Just Me Or…
    active 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Can anyone else not post or comment either because this is getting annoying and I’d just like an explanation or something

    Yay update:
    Nevermind it’s just me XD

    Another update:
    I don’t know what I do now.

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  • Group logo of Outfit of the Day
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    I thought this would be kinda cool. So you post a picture of the outfit your wearing or you could just describe what you’re wearing :)

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  • Group logo of Time Trapped RolePlay #2
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    (Okay guys, I really liked this RP so I am going to make a second and see how it goes! […]

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