Favorites Tag (credt to Hannah) by Ronni

March 5, 2013 in Members Columns by Ronni.

I am so freaking angry right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The stupid writing thing said that I didn’t enter content and all that crap so I had copied my answers before just in case and went into a different server to try and it said I didn’t have anything to paste! Then I went to Irnet Explorer again and it STILL sad I didn’t cpy any content!!!!!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR @admin What the heck is up with all this????!!!!!!!!

What’s your favorite…..

Color: I like the sunsety colors and Desert’s greeny-blue color, as well as royal blue

Song: Tie between Evol (MATD) and Million Dollar Man (Lana Del Rey)

Album: The Family Jewels (MATD)

Band/Artist: Too many to count

Celebrity: I don’t really pay that much attention to them…

Actor/Actress: I don’t know

Food: Too many to count

Dessert: Ice cream or Ice cream cake… Crap now I want some!!


Country: USA (by default mainly)

Word: Pulchritudinous

Animal: Panda or dog

Quote: I have three- A MATD one, a Walt Disney one, and one from my math teacher

Number: 15

Letter: R?

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory, but there are many that come in second place

Book: Too many to say

Movie: See above answer